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HR Admin Operation

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Non-IT support services for HR and admin operations encompass aid provided to human resources and administrative departments. These services specifically concentrate on facilitating different facets of personnel management, administrative responsibilities, and operational procedures.

Following Non-IT support, we offer:


Employee Onboarding

In order to assist with the employee onboarding process, I am responsible for preparing all necessary paperwork, coordinating orientation sessions creating employee profiles, and ensuring that we are in compliance with all legal requirements.

Recruitment and Hiring Support

Smart IT Frame offer assistance in sourcing and screening job applicants, scheduling interviews conducting background checks, verifying references, and managing candidate communication.

Employee records and documentation

The management of employee records and documentation is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of a company. It is important to maintain accurate and up to date personnel files in order to comply with record keeping requirements. This task involves managing various aspects such as employee contracts performance evaluations leave records, disciplinary actions, and confidentiality agreements. By diligently handling these records. The organization can ensure transparency and accountability within its workforce.

Policy and Procedure Implementation

Supporting the development and implementation of HR policies, procedures, and guidelines is crucial. This involves disseminating policy updates. Offering guidance on policy interpretation and guaranteeing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Employee Relations Support

Smart IT Frame provide assistance with all employee relations matters, including conflict resolution, grievance handling, and disciplinary processes. We conduct thorough investigations, document incidents and offer guidance on the best practices in employee relations.

Payroll and Timekeeping Support

Smart IT Frame offer assistance with payroll processing, timekeeping systems, and other related administrative tasks. Our services include verifying timesheets and tracking attendance. Calculating leave balances and addressing any inquiries regarding payroll.

Admin Support

Smart IT Frame offer comprehensive administrative support to the HR department. This includes managing calendars, and scheduling meetings. Coordinating travel arrangements. And ensuring the availability of supplies and equipment.

Compliance and Legal Support

Smart IT Frame provide assistance in matters of HR compliance, focusing on ensuring adherence to labor laws and maintaining equal employment opportunity records. Our team also takes care of managing compliance reporting requirements. In order to achieve this we may work closely with legal counsel, coordinate audits, and facilitate training sessions on compliance matters.

Non IT support services play a vital role in streamlining HR and administrative operations, promoting compliance improving employee experiences, and ultimately increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization as a whole, by providing necessary assistance with day to day operational tasks, we enable professionals to devote their attention to strategic initiatives.

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