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Supplier Diversity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to enhancing diversity and fostering inclusivity within our supply chain.

Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

At Smart IT Frame, we are not just a company; we are a community. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our niche IT solutions and services, reaching into the very fabric of our business relationships. We recognize that a diverse and inclusive supply chain fosters innovation, supports economic growth, and strengthens communities. Therefore, Supplier Diversity and inclusion is not just a goal for us—it's an integral part of who we are.


Why Supplier Diversity Matters to Us:

Smart IT Frame believes that a diverse supplier base brings a wealth of perspectives, experiences, and talents, which fuels creativity and innovation. We understand that by championing diversity, we contribute to the empowerment of minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, and other underrepresented businesses.

Our Initiatives:

We actively seek partnerships with diverse suppliers who share our commitment to excellence. Our processes are designed to be fair, inclusive, and accessible to businesses from all backgrounds. We go beyond transactional relationships; we build collaborations that are mutually beneficial and sustainable.


Respecting and Embracing All Individuals

At Smart IT Frame, we believe in the strength that diversity brings. Our commitment is to respect and embrace all individuals, recognizing and valuing the unique differences each person brings to the table.

Breaking up Workspace Homogeneity

Smart IT Frame actively promotes diversity by bringing together individuals of different races, genders, cultures, and ages. This deliberate approach breaks down workspace homogeneity, creating a more vibrant organizational dynamic.

Employee Training Program

Smart IT Frame's comprehensive training programs extend to our employees, ensuring that regardless of gender, race, or age, everyone involved in our network is equipped with the technical and behavioral skills necessary for current and future roles.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Smart IT Frame adheres to the principle of providing equal pay for equal work for all employees globally. This commitment extends to our employees, reinforcing the importance of fair compensation based on skills, effort, and responsibility.

Floating Holidays for Religious Observance

Smart IT Frame recognizes and respects the diversity of religious and cultural practices among our employees and suppliers. Smart IT Frame provides floating holidays, allowing everyone to celebrate important occasions outside their allocated personal time.

Everyone's Voice Heard by the Company

Smart IT Frame's commitment to inclusivity, ensures that every voice is heard. We actively seek and value feedback from our employees and suppliers through surveys, listening tools, and company-level meetings. Recognition and rewards are provided for valuable contributions and feedback.

Increase Focus on Women-Based Employees

With 40% of women-based employees contributing across all functions, Smart IT Frame is dedicated to increasing this representation. Our focus on women-based employees aligns with our organizational mission, values, goals, and business practices.

Pooling in Diverse Talent Demographically

Smart IT Frame's global approach to talent acquisition extends to our employees. By recruiting graduates, laterals, and referrals, we actively pool diverse talent, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to drive collective success.
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Our Values and Policies:

At Smart IT Frame, diversity and inclusion are not just corporate buzzwords—they are embedded in our values. Our policies reflect our commitment to creating a business environment that is open, inclusive, and supportive of diversity.

Join Us in Building a Diverse and Inclusive Supply Chain:

We invite diverse suppliers across all categories to partner with Smart IT Frame and contribute to our shared success. Together, we can build a more robust, innovative, and responsible IT ecosystem that benefits everyone.

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