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Quality Engineering Transformation

Elevate Your Software Quality with Smart IT Frame

In a dynamic world of software engineering, where complexity grows daily with the advent of DevSecOps, AI-ML, and edge computing, Smart IT Frame is your strategic partner for Quality Engineering Transformation. We embrace a "Shift Left Approach" to proactively mitigate quality, security, and usability risks throughout the software development journey.

Our Quality Assurance team works in close collaboration with developers and DevOps, ensuring not just faster but continuous releases through robust test automation initiatives.

The essence of our approach is simple yet impactful:


Early Defect Detection

We identify issues at their inception, accelerating time to market and enhancing customer satisfaction.

User-Centric Testing

We think like end-users, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience, regardless of the industry or the complexity of mobile applications.

Real-World Scenario Proficiency

With the increasing intricacy of mobile apps and IoT integration, our team is adept at identifying real-world defects effectively.

Security Focus

We prioritize potential security risks arising from data sharing among systems, going beyond the standalone application's security requirements.

Automation Integration

Our involvement in implementing new tools and automated processes early in the development lifecycle ensures quicker releases with test automation frameworks, delivering high-quality products.

End to End Quality Engineering Transformation

Implemented End to End Quality Engineering Transformation from “Reactive approach” to “Cognitive approach” using niche technologies to support trending Quality Engineering practices.

This paradigm shift from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering is all about integrating quality into the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This transformation introduces a new role, that of the SDET (Software Developer in Test), responsible for building test infrastructure, defining quality criteria, and navigating the ever-evolving software landscape.

SDETs initiate testing at the unit level and extend their purview to all testing domains. They also craft mitigation strategies when challenges arise, all while overseeing the maintenance of CI/CD pipelines to keep the code flowing smoothly.

Why choose SmartIT Frame for quality engineering?

Experienced Professionals

At Smart IT frame, our team consists of quality engineering experts with extensive domain knowledge. This guarantees that the solutions we provide are both efficient and effective.

Innovative Solutions

We take pride in staying up, to date with the technology advancements and leveraging them to offer cutting-edge quality engineering services. Our goal is to ensure that your products meet the standards.

Tailored Approach

We understand that every project is unique, and we adapt our approach to suit the requirements and nuances of each client. This ensures results for your needs.

Advanced Tools and Technology

We heavily invest in acquiring and mastering state-of-the-art quality engineering tools and technologies. This not only speeds up the testing process but also enables us to accurately identify issues.

Cost-Effective Services

Quality doesn't always have to come at a high cost. At smartIT we provide pricing models to ensure that you receive value for your investment.

Comprehensive Support

Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We offer, after-sales support promptly addressing any issues that may arise post-deployment.

Our transformation team collaborates seamlessly with developers, operations teams, and product owners, identifying what to automate and orchestrating test plans efficiently, tailored to the application under test.

With Smart IT Frame, Quality Engineering is not just a practice; it's our commitment to engineering better quality, faster.

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