List Of Off-Shore Services :

Located in Shanghai, China, SMART IT FRAME’s Off-Shore team provides a host of service offerings which include: Development, QA/Testing and Support/Maintenance for US based projects. Additionally, our off-shore team is responsible for the evolution of our portfolio of intellectual property which consists of software add-ons, frameworks, methodologies and best practices. By engaging SMART IT FRAME’s off-shore team, you will realize lower costs, quicker reaction times to fill roles, time savings and reduced legal exposure.

SMART IT FRAME’s Shanghai team guarantees the realization of these benefits by:

Reducing Operational Costs - Significant cost savings compared to the cost of U.S.-based resources. SMART IT FRAME’s offshore team is offered at extremely competitive rates and is held to extremely high performance standards. Eliminating recruiting costs - By utilizing SMART IT FRAME’s offshore team, recruiting fees are completely eliminated. Reacting quickly - Engaging with SMART IT FRAME’s offshore team enables you to quickly fill roles and address spikes in demand or temporary project specific roles. Saving Time - Eliminate time spent orientating, managing vacations/absenteeism, career coaching and daily management of the employee. Reducing legal exposure - Employee issues can be time-consuming not to mention potentially result in legal liability. Using offshore resources eliminates exposure to employment liabilities. Providing Flexibility – SMART IT FRAME’s offshore team allows the flexibility to quickly expand and contract staff in order to meet business needs without incurring hiring and termination costs. Providing talented resources – SMART IT FRAME’s highly skilled, educated and experienced employees adhere to our domestic delivery methodology and provide an easy way for our customers to supplement their teams in order to deliver to the business. Retaining loyal employees – SMART IT FRAME’s offshore team is loyal and has maintained an extremely high retention rate as working for an American company is considered a prestigious position in the Chinese culture.