Readiness Assessment :

SMART IT FRAME is committed to deploying immediately productive consultants on all our engagements, but we find occasionally that there are still gaps in terms of people, process and infrastructure which initially impact the productivity of both SMART IT FRAME’s and our customer’s resources. As a result, SMART IT FRAME has created a Pre-Engagement Readiness Assessment program designed to mitigate this issue and when employed, ensures that immediate productivity. SMART IT FRAME’s Pre-Engagement Readiness Assessment is typically administrated by a senior resource in less than a week prior to project inception. That resource will meet at length with customer personnel and review existing documentation to assess whether infrastructure, processes and resources are prepared for the initiative. At the completion of the assessment, SMART IT FRAME will deliver a document that captures the gaps that need to be addressed before the start of the project which includes SMART IT FRAME’s recommendations to bridge those gaps. This will afford our customer the opportunity to ready its personnel and infrastructure so that both SMART IT FRAME and customer resources are immediately productive from the start of the project.