Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance is the one of the ongoing services we provide at SMART IT FRAME Anyone who has ever used computing knows well that applications are not built to last forever; they need constant improvement and upgradation. Otherwise they turn into legacy dinosaurs which serve no real purpose. However, application maintenance can be very taxing to a client and can inhibit the organization from looking at the future needs of the business. At SMART IT FRAME ,we believe that we can help the client by stepping in to help maintain their applications. Well known research sources have cited that about 70-80% of a company’s IT budget goes into application maintenance. This establishes the need for a well laid out strategy to economize application maintenance without compromising on utility, effectiveness or quality of the software. Our teams take a broad based look at the technology, IT infrastructure and architecture, people, processes and services to determine the exact strategy for your application maintenance requirements. These include building easy cross-referenced models which document application features; and linking business processes with application portfolios.

Our Application Maintenance carries the following value :

  • Cost effectiveness of application maintenance
  • Problem resolution – Severity levels 1 thru 3
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Better information flow and MIS
  • Cost flexibility for cyclical businesses
  • Inheriting current industry trends and best practices
  • Adherence to deadlines for implementing improvements and enhancements

SMART IT FRAME offers all types of application maintenance including corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance and preventative maintenance. Our well-developed maintenance methodology is completely metric driven and helps several clients reap outstanding results.