EPM1.1 - Introduction to TM1:

Intended for new users of IBM Cognos® TM1. This course offers hands-on learning with TM1 front end tools and multi-dimensional spreadsheets with IBM Cognos TM1 plug-in for Microsoft Excel.

EPM1.2 – TM1 Boot camp:

Intended for power users, developers and administrators who are responsible for creating and maintaining TM1 applications. This course provides hands-on practice for server configuration, dimensions building, cubes design, as well as setting up security for multi-dimensional data.

EPM1.3 – TM1 Administration:

Intended for Administrators who are responsible for managing applications. This course is designed for Administrators who understand system, network requirements and deployments and understand the operation and want to set the specific requirements in order to provide a suitable business environment.

EPM1.4 – TM1 Best Practices & Methodology:

Intended for developers who want to modify their TM1 applications taking into consideration functionality, maintainability, and application performance to perfectly mesh with their enterprise. Developers will be able to design efficient TM1 applications in a systematic way or extend existing TM1 enterprise applications.

EPM1.5 – Introduction to Executive Viewer:

Intended to provide students with the skills to improve ad hoc analyses and decision-making tasks. No programming background is needed and students can explore data from different perspectives, dynamically create on-the-fly calculations, generate and analyze data into graph format, and create dynamic reports.